Can Shredders Take Staples?

Will staples damage a paper shredder?

The teeth on the cutting head can be damaged if metal is used. If a staple is the size of a standard thin staple, the shredder should be able to shred it.

Can a Fellowes shredder handle staples?

Heavy-duty items like credit cards, paper clips, and staplers can be shredded by this shredder.

Is it OK to leave staples in when recycling paper?

Paper mills that process recovered paper remove common contaminants such as staplers and paper clips. Paper clips and binder clips can be removed and recycled, so it’s not necessary to remove them.

How do you remove staples without ripping paper?

The metal tip of the remover should be placed under the front side of the staple in order to remove it. There are two things. Lift up and away from you, so that the staple can be easily removed from your documents. It is that easy.

What does staples do with shredded paper?

Bring in old bills, envelopes, and confidential documents to be shredded by Iron Mountain in their secure shredding plants.

What can go in shredder?

Most paper items are safe for shredding if they aren’t in contact with anything that could be dangerous. Small metal items like paper clips can also be thrown in if you want to separate items that have been stapled or clipped together.

Can you put plastic cards in a shredder?

The only plastic credit cards that can be shredded are the ones that are plastic. Standard magnetic strip credit cards and newer plastic credit cards with chips are included. Credit cards that are made of metal should not be shredded.

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Why did my staples shredder stop working?

The thermal protection feature can be activated to shut off the machine if the unit has overheated. If this happens, you should switch off the unit for at least 30 minutes and an hour.

Do staples damage wood?

The pneumatic staple gun makes it less likely that the wood used in the industrial packaging industry will be damaged. A staple can lack strength compared to a nail or screw, when compared to a nail or screw alone.

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