Why Chainsaw Cuts Crooked?

It might be due to the fact that the chain cuts at an angle. Uneven wear of the guide bar leads to the chain rotating at an angle rather than aligning with the bar, creating a vicious circle of wear. Why does my chainsaw cut to one side when I cut? It can be hard … Read more

How To Repair Husqvarna Chainsaw?

Why does my Husqvarna chainsaw start but not run? If your chainsaw doesn’t start anymore, you need to check the air filter. The air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced if it’s dirty or damaged. A dirty spark arrestor is one of the reasons that your chainsaw won’t start. You can clean it with … Read more

Is Chainsaw Bar Oil Flammable?

There is a specific hazard that involves abustible liquid. Is chain lubricant flammable? This product will burn under fire conditions, but it is not classified as a fire hazard. What is chainsaw bar oil made of? There are two main types of chainsaw bar oils: petroleum-based and bio-based. Oil sling is inevitable when you use … Read more

What Is The Smallest Chainsaw You Can Buy?

What is a pocket chainsaw? The pocket chain saw has teeth on it that allow it to be used in both directions. The bright orange handles cut through the branches. What can a mini chainsaw cut through? The mini electric chain saw can be used for small gardens and handicraft projects. There is a small … Read more

What Chainsaw File Size?

There are three common file sizes for chainsaws. The correct size for your chain is determined by you. The owner’s manual is a good place to look for the correct file size. The details for the chain can be found on the guide bars. How do I know what size file for my chainsaw? The … Read more

Which Chainsaw File Do I Need?

How do I know what chainsaw file to use? The type of chainsaw file that you need is related to the size of your chain pitch. The bigger the pitch, the higher the cutting teeth are. The bigger the file is, the higher the teeth are. What file do I use for a 3 8 … Read more

Does Chainsaw Chain Stretch?

A chainsaw chain is stretched and loosened. The chain gets very hot when it’s cut through wood. The guide bar is expanded by the heat and the chain is stretched. As the chain wears down, it’s going to loosen. Is it possible for a chain to stretch? lubrication is one of the most important factors … Read more

Which Chainsaw Trousers Are Best?

What is the best class of chainsaw trousers? The type A Class 1 chainsaw trousers are the best on the market. They are comfortable to wear and offer the most protection against chainsaws. What is the difference between Class A and Class C chainsaw trousers? The front of the legs is the only part of … Read more

Which Chainsaw Chain Is Best?

What type of chainsaw chain cuts the fastest? The fastest way to cut a chainsaw chain is with a full chisel or a chisel skip chain. The full chisel has the fastest and most aggressive cutting action of all the chisels on the market. The chisel skip chain is the best choice for bars longer … Read more

How Does Stihl Chainsaw Oiler Work?

Do chainsaws automatically oil the chain? The term fixed flow oilers refers to chainsaws that use true automatic oilers. Automatic and fixed flow oilers give a consistent amount of oil when the saw is running. You will get the same amount of oil on your chain when you use a saw. Why do I have … Read more

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