How Long Does A Nptc Chainsaw Certificate Last?

Both the Lantra Awards Certificates of Basic Skills and the NPTC Certificates of Competence can be used for the rest of your life. The law requires training to be up to date for three to five years. Skills are kept up to date and the operation of machinery and equipment is safe if they are kept up to date.

How do I check my NPTC qualification?

We can search our database for your record if you give us your details. You should get your certificate and ID card in 25 days.

How long does a Lantra card last?

The Lantra card update process can take up to 20 working days. The life expectancy of the card has gone up from 5 years to 10. You need to check your skills’ unique expiry date.

What is the difference between Lantra and NPTC?

Lantra and NPTC qualifications are different. A Lantra certificate shows that a person has been trained in a topic. A City & Guilds NPTC certificate shows that a person is competent in a certain subject.

How long does a pa6 certificate last?

The law requires training to be updated on a three to five year basis. Skills are kept up to date and the operation of machinery is safe if they are kept up to date.

What does NPTC qualified mean?

The most well known training organisation in the tree industry is called the National Proficiency Test Council. Depending on circumstances and requirements for specific jobs in their career, some people take more than others, while others take less.

Is NPTC the same as City and Guilds?

In 2004, NPTC became part of the City & Guilds Group and together they formed the UK’s largest awarding body for land based industries.

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Can I use the Lantra logo?

The ‘Lantra approved’ logo should not be used by companies that are only on the Schedule of Suppliers. The Lantra approved training instructors and the Lantra approved training providers have their logos issued.

What are Lantra Awards?

The UK and Ireland’s only awarding organisation that can offer both training and a full qualification is Lantra Awards, which has over 50 years of skills development experience in the land based and environmental sector.

How do I get a Lantra card?

If you need a replacement card or certificate, you can download a word document from the Contact Us page on the website. The document is located next to the bottom left of the map and can be downloaded immediately from the page.

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