How Much Do Chainsaw Operators Make?

What is a chainsaw operator?

Chain saw and skidder operators operate chain saws to fell, delimb and buck trees, as well as skidders to move or yard the felled trees from the logging site to the landing area for processing and transportation. Logging companies and contractors employ them.

Do machine operators make good money?

The United States has an average Machine Operator salary of $28,400 per year. The bottom 10% of the spectrum make an average of $23,000 a year, while the top 10% make an average of $34,000. It’s important that location is critical.

How much do distillery operators make?

The majority of Distillery Operator salaries are in the range of $30,000 to $45,000, with the top earner making $46,000 annually.

Who needs a chainsaw?

Which one is best for you? If you live in a home with a yard, a fireplace or a smoker, a chainsaw is the fastest and easiest way to make clean, fence-free cuts to break down logs, both of which are still connected in the ground.

How much does a crane operator make?

Crane operators in London get an average salary of over $40,000 a year. The average national salary for Crane operator jobs is about the same as this one. The Crane operator salary in London is less than the average salary in other parts of the city.

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What does a distiller make?

The average salary of a Distiller in the US is $38,420. The top 80% of Distillers make over $60,000 a year.

What does a master distiller do?

The management of the company. In addition to managing staff, master distillers are often responsible for managing the day to day operations of the distillery.

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