How To Fix Stihl Chainsaw Hard To Pull Start?

Why is it so hard to pull the cord on my chainsaw?

The pully system can be stuck if your chainsaw is difficult to pull. The starter assembly isn’t moving. It is possible that the housing has been damaged.

Why is my Stihl ms250 so hard to start?

It could be a problem with the delivery of fuel. The fuel line was cracked and the fuel filter was partially blocked. The air filter needs to be clean.

Why does my chainsaw kickback when starting?

A dull chain can cause kickback because the teeth won’t be able to cut through the wood, which will cause the chain to get stuck and cause kickback. You will be at risk of kickback if the chainsaw bar hits a log or a hidden branch.

What causes too much compression in an engine?

The most likely candidate would be failing/worn piston rings, but it could also be problems with the intake or exhaust valves or their valve seats, the threaded fitting that the spark plug (and likely the compression test fitting) screws into, or even a crack in the head of the pistons.

Why is my Stihl chainsaw not starting?

There are some common solutions for the problem of the chainsaw not starting. There is a chance that the spark plug is malfunctioning. The spark plug should be removed and inspected to determine if it’s faulty. If you leave fuel in the chainsaw for a long period of time, it can lead to a clogged carburetor.

How does Stihl easy start?

The pull on the starter rope is enough to overcome the compression of the engine. It is possible to avoid stresses caused by quick, even movements. The engine will start reliably with the help of the spring that releases the stored energy to the crankshaft.

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