How To Install An Electric Fireplace Insert Into An Existing Fireplace?

Can you put an electric fireplace insert in an existing fireplace?

If there is an electrical outlet within the firebox of the existing fireplace, then an electric fireplace can be installed. Electric fireplace inserts are ideal for installation in a real fireplace.

Can you put an electric fireplace insert into a wood-burning fireplace?

It’s definitely true! An electric fireplace can be used as an insert in a wood burning fireplace in a lot of cases. Installation of an electric line into the wood fireplace is all that is required. This will prevent you from seeing a power cord on the fire.

Can I turn my fireplace into an electric fireplace?

It’s easy to convert a wood fireplace to an electric one. Remove the existing grate, clean out the ashes, and put your insert in. Installation is quick because they are light and easy to move. Plugging the electric insert into the wall outlet is necessary.

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Can you plug an electric fireplace into a regular outlet?

There is no need for a dedicated circuit for electric fireplaces.

Can you convert an electric fireplace to wood?

Only when the fireplace was originally built can it be converted. The fireplace can’t be turned into a wood-burning unit if it was originally a gas one. This type of work may require a consultation by a home contractor or other expert, so be sure to reach out for their input before moving forward.

Is an electric fireplace tacky?

A question about electric fireplaces being tacky. A- no longer! Electric fireplaces were cheap when they first came out and had fake flame effects. The Regency Skope series of electric fireplaces are designed for modern homes and offer realistic 3-dimensional displays.

Do electric fireplaces have real flames?

One of the reasons people like electric fireplaces is that they don’t produce flames. It can be difficult to deal with real open flames. A messy pile of ash left behind by fire is harmful to the environment.

How does an electric fireplace insert work?

Electric fireplaces work by drawing in cool air, heating it internally using a heating coil and gently forcing the warmed air back out into the room through a fan. Some electric fireplaces use technology to heat objects in the room.

Can I install a fireplace insert myself?

It is possible for you to install your dream fireplace or wood-burning stove on your own. It is highly recommended that you hire a contractor with experience in fireplaces.

Is it easy to install an electric fireplace?

Installation is the only thing standing between you and the warmth of the flames. Most electric fireplaces don’t require any exterior vent or gas lines to be installed, so it’s easy to install.

Do electric fireplaces add value?

A budget-conscious consumer can create a beautiful setting with a premium electric fireplace unit, even if an electric fireplace doesn’t increase the value of a property in the same way a gas fireplace does. The more desirable living space can be created by this.

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Are electric fireplaces more efficient than gas?

It costs around $60 a year to run a gas fireplace, which is 70% efficient at converting energy into heat. Electric fireplaces use the electric current to calculate their output. The cost to run them is around $25 a year.

Does electric fireplace need own breaker?

Plugging a fireplace into an electrical outlet is a simple way to install an Electric Fireplace. Pluging your Electric Fireplace into an outlet by itself is the best way to do it.

Can I use an extension cord for electric fireplace?

Sometimes we are asked if extension cords can be used with electric fireplaces. The extension cord can cause a fire if it becomes overheated. It is a fire hazard to operate an electric fireplace with damaged cords, plugs or extensions.

What size breaker do I need for an electric fireplace?

If you want to plug it in without using an extension cord, it needs to be in close proximity to a 120-volt or 15-amp circuit. The majority of homes have at least one 120-volt outlet in every room. A 20-amp circuit will allow you to hook up more devices and use more energy.

Do the electric fireplaces really heat a room?

Is the electric fireplace a good idea? Yes, that is correct! Wood-burning fireplaces can be unsafe to use, but electric fireplaces are safe to use. One of the most efficient ways to heat a room is by using a cost-effective heater.

How do I know what size fireplace insert I need?

Measure the opening height, opening width, opening depth, and rear width to find the right size. A fireplace insert is needed in an existing masonry or factory-built fireplace.

Do electric fireplace inserts look cheap?

Unlike a mobile heating source, freestanding electric fireplaces look more like a fireplace than they do a heating source. It is possible to move your fireplace from room to room as needed, but they are not very realistic and look cheap.

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Can you roast marshmallows on an electric fireplace?

The electrical fireplaces do not look like fireplaces. They do not produce a fire. Some people have flames that look like a wood fireplace. It is not possible to roast marshmallows.

How can I make my electric fireplace look real?

Adding custom trim will make the look more seamless. Adding tiles on the gaps will make the electric fireplace look like a built-in. Adding lattice to the edges of the tile will hide the gaps that are still present.

What do I need to know about electric fireplace inserts?

Electric log inserts look like a grate with logs and have lights built into them that create a flame like effect on the walls of your fireplace. The included remote allows you to control the flame height, intensity, heat and even the ember bed lighting from your computer.

How much does it cost per month to run an electric fireplace?

The average cost to run an electric fireplace in the US is $32 per month. Electric fireplaces increase monthly US electricity bills by more than 25%.

Do I need a chimney liner for fireplace insert?

You need to install a chimney liner system if you want to install a fireplace insert. Installation of a chimney liner that is compliant with local code is just one of the benefits.

Can I install an electric fire myself?

It’s possible to install your own electric fire because it’s not as important as having an engineer fit it.

Can you use drywall around an electric fireplace?

The chances of major fires breaking out when exposed to heat output produced by burning logs inside the electric fireplace insert are increased if the electric fireplace is mounted on a flammable surface.

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