How To Read Stihl Chainsaw Bar Numbers?

What do the numbers on my Stihl chainsaw bar mean?

The chain tells us that it’s made by a German company. The pitch is described by the number 6 on the cutter and the number 3 on the drive link. It’s possible that it’s 1.5mm or more.

How can I tell what size my Stihl chain is?

The number on the side of the chain can be used to determine pitch, gauge, and other characteristics of the chain. You have a chain with the number 33RM2 stamped on it. The characteristics of the chain are marked by the last three numbers.

What is the difference between .325 and 3/8 chain?

The three-eighths chain is a better choice for a saw with more power. It requires more power to operate because of its larger teeth and heavier chain. The saws have a chain of between 40 and 60cc.

What size bars does Stihl make?

The guide bars are used in extreme felling operations. The cutting requirements of our chainsaws are matched by the unique bar configurations manufactured by STIHL.

How do I know what size my chainsaw chain is?

The bigger the pitch, the higher the cutting teeth are. The bigger the file, the higher the teeth are. If you don’t know your chainsaw’s pitch, you can measure it by looking at the distance between three rivets.

How do you measure the chain on a chainsaw bar?

Measure the distance from the tip of the chainsaw bar to the point where the bar first comes off the saw. The information can be provided by a tape measure. If the figure was not even, round it up to the closest number. The bar measurement is the number that comes after it.

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