How To Repair Log Splitter Valve?

How does a log splitter valve work?

In a log splitter, the operator puts a log on the splitter and shifts a valve to move fluid from the pump to the cap end of the cylinder. The time it takes to advance the wedge to engage the log is reduced by the combined flow of the two pumps.

What are the most common causes of hydraulic system failure?

Air and water pollution is the leading cause ofhydraulic failures. Both types ofcontamination can be caused by malfunctioning pumps, system breeches or temperature issues.

How do you adjust a spool valve?

The valve-locking nut needs to be loosened in order to adjust the valve. The adjustment screw can be accessed with the removal of the locking nut. If you want to raise the pressure, turn the screw clockwise, and if you want to lower the pressure, turn the screw counter-clockwise.

What is a hydraulic detent valve?

A lever or catch that locks valve movement is called a detent kit. It means that if you push the lever towards the detent, it will maintain its position and facilitate the flow of fluid.

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What does detent mean in hydraulics?

A deflation is a spring device that maintains a control valve.

How does an auto cycle hydraulic valve work?

The Brand auto-cycle valve can be used to cycle a double acting cylinder from fully extended to fully withdrawn. The cylinder can be manually extended or retracted by the first and second spools.

What will happen if there is air trapped in the hydraulic system?

The desired instant system reaction is slowed when air is present in the system. The trapped air has a compressibility that makes it hard to breathe. The air in the system is compressed and decompressed when the actuator is turned on.

How often do you change hydraulic fluid on a log splitter?

How many times a year should you change the fluid in the log splitter? You should change your fluid every 50 hours according to some manufacturers. If the fluid used is of good quality, it will give you around 150 hours of log splitting.

How do you get air out of a hydraulic cylinder?

The cylinder should be partially closed when the air has reached the top. The air can be escaped by opening the bleed valve at the top. The valve should be left open until the fluid flows freely. This shows that the air has been removed.

How do you get air out of a log splitter?

The trapped air from the cylinder needs to be removed. To do that, you need to extend the rod and remove the plug from it. If you can, twist the release screw in acounterclockwise motion.

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What is the purpose of a detent valve?

When actuating force is removed, locks hold a valve in its last position until a stronger force is applied to shift it to another position. After the actuating force is removed, the detents may hold on to this position.

Why won’t my log splitter split wood?

The log splitter needs to be pointed uphill or on level ground. If you don’t split your logs, you will have an issue. It is likely low oil if the log splitter does not point downhill.

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