Is Jonsered A Good Chainsaw?

This is a great chainsaw to have in your garage for small projects or to clean up around your house. It’s great for smaller jobs because it’s light. The bar is large enough for a homeowner to use.

Does Jonsered make good chainsaws?

Jonsered are the same saws as the Husqvarna saws. The high end pro ones are just as good as the other ones. It gets like the whole Ford / Chevy debate when it comes to which dealer you prefer. Some of the big brands make good saws.

Are Jonsered chainsaws Made in USA?

Where do the Jonsered chainsaws come from? The Husqvarna Group has Jonsered as part of it. We can assume that the same locations as Husqvarna chainsaws are where these chainsaws are made.

Is Jonsered out of business?

Some of the remaining inventory can be found at some of the box stores, but the brand is over. The saws were re- branded as Red Max, but the makers decided to expand the Red Max brand.

What is the best selling chainsaw in the world?

Unless you’re talking to a person who uses a chainsaw, it’s not likely that you’ll find the number one chainsaw brand. Most of the units it sells in the US are made in the US. The price of some saws is comparable to that of other saws.

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What chainsaws are made in Japan?

Shindaiwa chain saws have been built in Japan to the highest standards and are packed with features to make it easier to do your job. A chain saw needs to be reliable, durable and professional. Shindaiwa chain saws are designed to be easy to use.

Which Husqvarna saws are made in Sweden?

It is most likely that your chainsaw is made up of components from more than one country. Most of the popular Husqvarna 455 Rancher is made in Sweden. The power head is made in Sweden and shipped to the US where it is fitted with an Oregon bar.

Are Stihl chainsaws made in China?

The factory in China is part of the international manufacturing network of STIHL. There are chainsaws, brushcutters and hedge trimmers produced in China by STIHL.

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