What Does Stihl Chainsaw Numbers Mean?

What do chainsaw numbers mean?

The pitch, gauge, and other characteristics of the chain can be determined by looking at the numbers on the side of the chain. You have a chain with the number 33RM2 stamped on it. The pitch is represented by the first number, which is 1 and 2.

What’s the difference between Stihl 170 and 171?

The 171 has a chain tension adjustment on the side rather than on the front. It’s worth the added cost to have that feature. The 171 has a chain tension adjustment on the side rather than on the front.

What setting should I use on my Stihl chainsaw?

To start a chainsaw, you need to push the chain brake forward and remove the cover from the bar. If your chainsaw has a primer valve, you can press it down several times to set the master control.

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How do you read a Stihl serial number?

The left or right of the motor housing is where the serial numbers are stamped. Most of the time they are 9 digits long and start with the number 1.

What is a Stihl 311y?

TheMS 311 is a high tech workhorse with a step up in power and features over theMS 291. Higher fuel economy can be achieved with our improved engine technology. The larger fuel and oil tanks on the MS 311 can be used for a longer period of time. While you save money on fuel, you will stay productive.

What is the difference between Stihl MS180 and MS181?

What are the main differences between the two? Exhaust gas can be as high as 70% and fuel consumption can be as low as 20%. I would keep the provenMS 180 power 2-MIX engine. The chain will last a long time if it is monitored.

How long to wait if chainsaw is flooded?

The easiest method to use is the first. If you want the fuel to evaporate from the engine, sit the chainsaw for 15 to 20 minutes.

Do you start a chainsaw with the brake on?

When using a chainsaw, it is advisable to start it with a chain brake engaged.

How can I tell if my Stihl chainsaw is real?

The only way to be sure you’re getting a genuine STIHL is to purchase your product from an authorized dealer.

Where is the serial number on a chainsaw?

The top of the engine housing can be seen when the unit is not in use. There is a sticker on the housing that has the model and serial number on it.

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What is the difference between .325 and 3/8 chain?

There is a. It may not be the best choice for your needs. The three-eighths inch chain lasts longer than its smaller cousin. One of the most popular switches for chainsaw users is this one.

What is a low profile chainsaw chain?

The cutters on the low profile chain are not as tall as the ones on the standard chain. A shallow cut is made by the low profile chain. It’s a good fit for low-horsepower saws and electric saws because it weighs less than standard chain.

Is the ms311 a pro saw?

They are good even though they are not a professional grade saw. It’s important that a chainsaw is relaible.

Why does my chainsaw chain dull so quickly?

Many chainsaw enthusiasts say that their blades are duller when they are cutting muddy wood. Maybe the only reason your blade is dulling is because the logs are muddy. It will be easy to see if the wood is dirty or not.

How can I tell what pitch my chainsaw is?

Measure the distance between the first three rivets and divide the result by 2. The chain segments are held together by the small pegs andstuds of the rivets. If you want to get a chain pitch, divide the number in half.

What do Oregon chain numbers mean?

It’s up to the person to pitch. The distance between any three consecutive rivets divided by two is referred to as the chain pitch. The smallest, most popular, and largest pitches are used to make the chain.

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Can you put a 14 inch bar on a Stihl MS170?

The guides for the homeowner models should be between 12 and 16 inches. The larger 45cc engines in theMS 250 andMS 251 models allow them to drive a bar of 18 inches.

Will an Oregon bar fit a Stihl?

The product is only available through retailers or service dealers.

How many cc is a STIHL ms180?

High performance chainsaws and power tools will benefit from this synthetic 2-cycle engine oil. The best way to move chainsaws is by truck.

What Oregon chain fits Stihl MS170?

Our records show that the Oregon 105668 bar/ chain combo is the correct part number for theMS170.

Can you over prime a chainsaw?

The most likely cause of failure if the engine won’t start is that the chainsaw has flooded due to over-priming of fuel or the choke has been left open.

How do you start a stubborn chainsaw?

If you want to start the engine, you have to move the lever to the full choke position. If that doesn’t work, you can start the engine by pulling the starter rope 6 times.

Should you let a chainsaw warm up?

Due to the small size of the gas engine, it will warm up quickly. The engine will usually run for a short time after it starts, giving the oil time to warm up and lubricate the engine parts.

How tight should a chainsaw chain be?

You can’t pull the drive links out of the chainsaw guide bar if the chain is too loose.

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