What Is The Chainsaw Devil?

The Chainsaw Devil, also known as Pochita, is a person who is afraid of chainsaws. He was the original Chainsaw Man before he met Denji.

Why does everyone want the chainsaw devil?

Everyone wants the heart of Denji because Pochita is able to wipe out devils. Makima wants to control the Chainsaw Devil’s power so that she can steer human history her way.

What is the chainsaw devil’s power?

The Chainsaw Devil was originally the Chainsaw Man before he met Denji. He has the ability to eat devils and make them disappear, making him the most feared devil of them all. After a fight with mysterious opponents, he was weakened and appeared in his dog form.

Why is Denji so special?

Denji, the hero of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man, is a character that is quickly rising in popularity due to his simplicity. Denji is a unique and fun person, but he is also a poorly equipped hero because he is not much of a thinker.

Is Angel Devil a boy?

The Public Safety suit is being worn by Angel, a younger androgynous male. He has a halo over his head and whitewings on his back.

How did Denji turn into Chainsaw Man?

Pochita’s contract would take the place of Denji’s heart and bring him back to life. He was able to use the saws as weapons on both his arms and head after gaining the Chainsaw Devil’s full abilities. Denji was the Chainsaw Man because of that.

Who does Denji like chainsaw?

Makima is the name of the person. Makima and Denji had an asymmetrical relationship, with Makima taking interest in Denji solely because of the Chainsaw Devil Pochita.

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