What Size Electric Fire Do I Need?

Depending on the model, electric fireplaces come in 750 or 1,500 watt capacities. 750 watt is enough for a small room. A 1,500 watt fireplace is needed to heat a bigger room.

Should electric fireplace be bigger than TV?

If you want your fireplace to be wider than your TV, make sure it is. The TV should be closer to the fireplace than it is. The sleek lines on the edges of the fireplace are made possible by this.

What is the standard size of an electric fireplace?

The electric fireplace has a 55” width x 31” height and 13” depth assembled, while the electric firebox has a 33” width x 20” height and 7” depth.

Is it cheaper to run electric fireplace or heat?

Electric fireplaces are less expensive than gas ones. supplemental zone heating can be provided by electric fireplaces. Zone heating lowers the temperature in your home by 10 to 15 degrees. The room that is occupied is the only place you can heat.

What to look for when buying an electric fireplace?

When shopping for an electric fireplace, you should look for lower wattage and a higher rating. Electric fireplaces are more efficient than wood burning fireplaces due to the fact that most electric fireplaces have a 120v plug.

Does a 1500 watt electric fireplace need a dedicated circuit?

Is it necessary for it to be on a dedicated circuit? There is no requirement for a dedicated circuit to be used for electric fireplaces.

What should you never use on an electric fire?

This is the first thing. You shouldn’t throw water on an electrical fire because it could cause an electric shock. There are two things. Baking soda can be used to put out an electrical fire if you do not have a fire extinguisher.

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Is it OK to hang the TV over an electric fireplace?

Yes, in a very short way. If you want to hang a TV above your fireplace, you can use a TV wall mount. If the heat is blown directly upward, it will not be good for your TV. Most models have the heat vent on the top of the unit.

What size fireplace for a 65 inch TV?

The minimum fireplace size should correspond to the TV size. Sixty-inch fireplace is the same as a 65-inch TV. 73-inch fireplace is equivalent to a 75-inch TV.

Will an electric fireplace ruin a TV?

Do you think it’s safe to put a TV above a fireplace? There is an answer to that. These fireplaces do not produce the intense heat that a wood-burning or gas fireplace does. That’s good news for your TV and electronics.

How many square feet will a 5000 BTU electric fireplace heat?

You can find out how much heat 5,000 square feet will produce by answering this question. It can heat a room with an average of about 120 sq ft.

Do electric fireplaces cost a lot to run?

There’s a misconception that electric fireplaces are expensive to operate, but that’s not true. Electric fireplaces can be operated for pennies a day, which is less expensive than burning gas or wood.

Are electric fireplaces worth it?

Electric fireplaces are more energy efficient than gas fireplaces. It costs 18 cents per hour to run them. A no-heat option is one of the options that many models have.

Is 1500 watts enough to heat a room?

1500 watt will heat spaces up to 150 square feet and can help keep you warm in a small room.

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How much electricity does a 1500 watt electric fireplace use?

A 1,500 watt electric fireplace will cost 18 cents per hour with all settings maxed out, based on the national averagekWh rate.

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