Where Can I Use An Industrial Shredder?

The industrial shredder can be used to separate materials into different sizes. Municipal solid waste, radioactive waste, medical waste, and hazardous waste can be shredded.

What is the difference between a commercial shredder and an industrial shredder?

Industrial shredders destroy documents at a rate of 5000 pounds per hour and shred them into smaller pieces than a standard commercial shredding machine.

Can Staples go through an industrial shredder?

A basic paper shredder is not powerful enough to shred staplers and paper clips. There are small metal parts that can cause damage to cutting blades. Standard staplers and paper clips can be shredded through more powerful shredders.

What items Cannot be shredded?

There are items that cannot be shredded.

What is the cost of an industrial shredder?

The auto feed shredder is $750 to $2,500. The industrial shredder has a starting price of $10,000 and ending price of $50,000.

How strong is an industrial shredder?

The hammermill shredders work by crushing fed materials with a series of repeated blows by powerful hammers.

What are those industrial shredders called?

Shear shredders use two-shafts with knives to cut. Specialty shredders have been designed to tear tires into small pieces. High-speed knives, drums, and wheels are used in the cutting of tires.

Is shredding better than burning?

Toxic fumes are passed into the atmosphere when the paper is burned. When the material can be recycled into many new forms and then re-used many more times, the electricity for shredding is very low.

Where is the best place to shred documents?

Paper and document shredding is one of the additional services provided by office supply stores. You will most likely be able to find a big box office supply store within close driving distance if you use their services.

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Where is the safest place to shred documents?

Iron Mountain® is one of the leading document destruction vendors, so you can get rid of your personal and business documents using them. It’s a good idea to shred your items to make sure you don’t end up with identity theft.

Does officemax shred free?

Do you keep a lot of paper in your house? You can get free paper shredding at an office store. It is now possible to safely dispose of old tax returns, bank statements and other private documents that may contain information like your social security or bank account numbers.

What happens if a staple goes through a paper shredder?

The teeth on the cutting head can be damaged if metal is used. If a staple is larger than a standard thin staple, the shredder should be able to shred it.

Can you shred credit cards in a paper shredder?

Plastic credit cards are the only ones that can be shredded. Standard magnetic strip credit cards and newer plastic credit cards with chips are included. Credit cards that are made of metal should not be shredded.

How strong are industrial shredders?

What amount of shredding can an industrial shredder handle? 750 to 2250 pounds of paper per hour is how much it would take to answer that.

What types of raw material can be shredded?

Plastic, wood, rubber, asphalt, and similar materials can be quickly reduced to a fraction of their original size and many can be sold or given back to the public for use. The products will break down more quickly after shredding.

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