Which Chainsaw Chain?

How do I know what chainsaw chain to buy?

Measure the distance between the first three rivets and divide the result by 2. The chain segments are held together by the small pegs andstuds of the rivets. If you want to get a chain pitch, divide the number in half.

What is the most common chainsaw chain?

It is less common for saws to use 0.25″, 0.25″, and 0.25″ pitches. The low profile chain is used by most consumer saws. It’s called Picco by us. Some older saws use pitch chains.

What does 73 mean on a chainsaw chain?

The pitch is either.058 or 1.5mm. 75 is the percentage of pitch.063 gauge or 1.6mm. There is a.050 gauge or 1.3mm.

What size chain do I need?

It’s a good idea to get a necklace size that’s at least the second size up from your neck size after you get a measurement. If you have an 18 inch neck, you should choose a chain that is at least 20 inches long. A chain of 18 inches would be too tight.

What is the longest lasting chainsaw chain?

The standard chain is not as durable as the carbide-tip chain. The chrome tips are affected by heat, but the bicyle tips are unaffected. The qualities of the chain make it an excellent choice for cutting objects that can be dulled quickly.

What do Stihl chainsaw chain numbers mean?

You can identify the size of the chain with the Marketing Number from the stamps on the chain. A 1 is equivalent to a 0.043-inch gauge, 3 is equivalent to a 0.050-inch gauge, 5 is equivalent to a 0.058-inch gauge, and 6 is equivalent to a 0.063-inch gauge.

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What Chainsaw pitch is best?

According to experts, the best chainsaw chain is the Husqvarna High Performance 18 inches, 0.05 gauge, 0.225 pitch chain.

What does 3/8 mean on a chainsaw chain?

Measure between the middle points of 3 rivets on the chain and divide the number by 2 if you decide to do it yourself. The measurement between three links is 1/300. It’s 75″ and it’s 3/32″ When divided by 2, it adds up to 375″).

What is the difference between a 3/8 and 325 chainsaw?

It’s easier to turn for a saw with 325, it’s a smaller top cutter. The tie strap is larger than the 1/6. There are more cutter in a 20 ” chain.

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