Which Chainsaw File Do I Need?

How do I know what chainsaw file to use?

The type of chainsaw file that you need is related to the size of your chain pitch. The bigger the pitch, the higher the cutting teeth are. The bigger the file is, the higher the teeth are.

What file do I use for a 3 8 chainsaw chain?

It is necessary to have a file with a diameter of 5/32′′ for the chain. The two-in-one chain sharpener is easy to use and learn.

What is the most common chainsaw file?

Most chainsaw owners use round files for sharpening rather than square files. There are three common file sizes for chainsaws.

Do you push or pull file to sharpen chainsaw?

Most prefer to go towards the cutter’s point. When filing, twist it to get rid of small metal bits. You want to sharpen it at this location. When you move from one tooth to the next, keep the one on top of the blade.

What does 3 8 LP mean on a chainsaw chain?

The most common size of saw chain in the world is 1/32”. It is mostly fitted to electric or low powered saws. The name of the product is also referred to as stihli picco.

What degree do you sharpen a 3 8 chainsaw chain?

The angle at which the wood should besharpened is between 25 and 35. If you want to maintain the correct angle, you should use a sharpening grid or a filing gauge.

What is the difference between 3 8 and 325 chainsaw chains?

It is not possible to change the 1/6” and 0.325” chains. It’s easier to turn for a saw with 325, it’s a smaller top cutter. The tie strap is larger than the 1/6. There are more cutter in a 20 ” chain.

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What pitch is a standard chainsaw chain?

It is less common for saws to use 0.25″, 0.25″, and 0.25″ pitches. The low profile chain is used by most consumer saws. It’s called Picco by us. Some older saws use pitch chains.

Does pitch matter on a chainsaw chain?

The bar nose sprocket must be the same pitch as the drive sprocket in order for it to work. You can determine the pitch of your chain by looking at the number on the drive link.

How do I know what size chainsaw I have?

It is possible that your chain saw bar has information you are looking for. It is located near the back of the bar, where it mounts to the saw. The chain on the right is 1/6” pitch. There are 72 drive links and a 050” gauge.

How do I know the size of a file?

The size of any file, folder, or drive can be seen by right-clicking on it. In an Explorer window, you can choose “Details” from the “view” menu, or in a file open or save dialogue box there is a “view” button that you can choose from.

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