Why Is My Chainsaw Not Cutting With A New Chain?

A dull cutting chain is one of the most common causes of a chainsaw not cutting properly. Try to replace the chain with a new one. The chain might have too much tension. If the chain is too tight, the chain won’t cut correctly.

Why is my chainsaw smoking and not cutting?

The dull chain exerts a lot of pressure on the bar and chain in order to cut it. There could be a lack of bar and chain oil or an inferior type of oil that is being slung off the chain.

Why is my chainsaw burning the wood?

Smoking or burning wood is one of the strongest signs that the chain is mounted backwards. If this is the case, you should stop using the chainsaw until the chain is reinstalled correctly.

How tight should a chainsaw blade be?

You can’t pull the drive links out of the chainsaw guide bar if the chain is too loose.

Should a new chainsaw smoke?

While a chain saw produces some heat, it shouldn’t start smoking or overheating. Smoking and overheating can be caused by a lack of air or lubrication to the chain saw or engine.

Why does my chainsaw chain dull so quickly?

What is that thing? Many chainsaw enthusiasts say that their blades are duller when they are cutting muddy wood. Maybe the only reason your blade is dulling is because the logs are muddy. It will be easy to see if the wood is dirty or not.

How do you know if your chainsaw clutch is bad?

Is the engine revved up or just stopped? The clutch can be a problem if the engine is still running and the chain slows down. If the engine doesn’t work then it’s most likely a fuel or carbs problem.

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Why won’t my chainsaw chain tighten?

If you can’t tighten the chain, you might not be doing the right thing. The guide bar’s nuts need to be loosened to adjust the chain. You can’t tighten the chain if you try to turn the tension screw without getting the nuts loosened.

Is it bad for a chainsaw to cut wet wood?

Do you think this poses a risk to your chainsaw? Absolutely, no! The cutting process won’t be affected by the extra water found on wood. No effort is required to cut through it because it doesn’t have any resistance.

When should you throw away a chainsaw chain?

When using a chainsaw, it feels unbalanced. You need to replace the chain if the saw doesn’t cut correctly if you have tried to balance your teeth.

Is it normal for a chainsaw bar to get hot?

They get hotter when the full bar is being used. It will be worse if the chain is tightened and the cutter is dull. When you hit something stop and change chains.

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