Why Won’t My Fireplace Light?

Why will my fireplace not light?

The spark igniter could be the problem if the pilot doesn’t light up. There should be no debris between the igniter and the thermocouple. The pilot lighting doesn’t stay lit, which is a sign that the thermocouple is worn out.

Why is my gas fireplace not igniting?

A dirty pilot light orifice, caused by a build up of soot and dirt, is one of the most common issues with ignition. If you have successfully re-lit your pilot light, made sure the orifice is clean, and the fireplace still doesn’t start, there is a chance of an issue with the thermopile, thermocouple or wiring.

How much does it cost to replace a thermocouple in a gas fireplace?

The average cost to fix a pilot light is $150. You can expect to pay between $150 and $250 for the job done by a professional.

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How do you bleed air from a gas fireplace?

Press the igniter button if you want the pilot to ignite. It could take up to 10 minutes to bleed the air out of the lines. Continue pressing the valve knob inward for 30 seconds after the pilot is lit.

Can I manually light my gas fireplace?

The knob should be turned from the off to thePilot position. Push in the pilot knob and it will send gas to the system. The igniter button needs to be pushed once a second. Depending on how long it has been since the gas fireplace was last used, it may take multiple attempts to start it.

How long do gas fireplaces last?

How long can a gas fireplace be used? You can use your gas fireplace for a long time before you need to replace it.

How do you reset an electric fireplace?

Plug the unit into the wall for five minutes and turn the switches off. You should power everything back on after 5 minutes.

How long do thermocouples last?

Do you know how to tell if you have a bad couple? If properly installed and maintained, thermocouples can last as long as 10 years, while furnaces can last as long as 20 years.

How do you clean a clogged pilot light?

The pilot light and thermocouple should be removed with a tool. The wire brush can be used to remove the carbon build up and soot from the components. The metal file can be used for areas that are hard to reach. Dust can be wiped away with a soft cloth.

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Why would pilot light go out?

There are a number of serious reasons for pilot lights to go out. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional if you think there’s a serious problem.

Can I relight the pilot light by myself?

The furnace won’t be able to produce heat if the pilot light goes out. It is possible for homeowners to relight the pilot.

Do all gas fireplaces have pilot lights?

It’s important to remember that not all gas fireplaces have standing pilot light or a light that is always on. You can determine if you have a gas fireplace by looking at the control knob. The control knob is usually behind the grate or door.

How much does it cost to relight a pilot light?

A standard fee is usually charged by most service providers to cover the cost of relight a gas water heater. The price for a service call can be as high as $100.

How do you know if the pilot light is on?

If your pilot light is on, you’ll be able to see it. The pilot light is out if you do not see a flame. The color of the flame should be checked. The pilot lights are supposed to be blue.

Do gas fireplaces need to be cleaned?

Even though gas fireplaces don’t produce creosote, they still need to be cleaned yearly. Both propane and natural gas are clean burning gas fuels, so they don’t produce the same waste as wood, but they can still be cleaned up.

Do gas fireplaces wear out?

The answer is yes if you are wondering if gas log wear out. While you won’t be replacing your gas logs as often as you would with real firewood, there comes a point in time where they will need to be replaced with replacement gas logs.

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